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 Pseudo Visions

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Danish pop kid with a relentless urge to dance - that’s how Asbjørn describes himself. At 23, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer is, however, so much more than that. With one album under his belt and a second in the pipeline, Asbjørn is hard at work with the ambition of redefining his generation’s take on pop music.

According to Asbjørn „Pseudo Visions“ as a concept refers to "the moments that are so intense that the boundary between reality and surrealism becomes blurred". The album
„Pseudo Visions“ was written and recorded in three 'chapters', with each chapter consisting of four songs. In between live dates in Denmark, Germany and the UK, Asbjørn also found time to shoot eight accompanying video clips: "It was absolutely exhausting and completely insane but so rewarding to interact with my audience like that," he adds. "They were a part of shaping this record, because I constantly reflected the music in them."

Following his move to Berlin in the early autumn of 2014, Asbjørn finished another four songs for the album. On the 6th of November Pseudo Visions will be released in Europe by Sinnbus. 

CD version comes with 12-sided, folded poster booklet.

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