The/Das — Speak Your Mind Speak

Speak Your Mind Speak

SR 46 — vinyl

€ 10,00


Let's call it 'techno tenderness'. Berlin based duo, The/Das introduce their unique brand with their first mini album on Sinnbus. On 'Speak Your Mind Speak', The/Das wield their electronic avant-pop sensibilities and create something that's laid back and very intriguing.

Opening track "Have No Fear" is the perfect dancefloor comedown number whilst "Keep This" is hypnotic and trancelike. "Hope And Air" and "Colin" are beautiful and dreamy with "Colin" expertly blending elements of post rock and dub. And finally "It's True" with its demure tenderness. The/Das are heralding the way for a new wave of alluring techno-tinged pop.

Vinyl comes with a download code.

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